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About Us

Lately there has been a lot of positive things written about our outcomes. In fact, if someone didn't know us, they would think that the arithmetic outcomes are what we care most about. They would be wrong.

We are the best, most dedicated, most focused, most caring, smartest, TEAM of care providers, and support personnel, that I have ever seen. Our excellent outcomes, scientifically and socially, are merely an obvious result of who we are and the passion with which we carry out our mission and the resources we are able to bring to bear. Understanding and maximizing the measurable outcomes (and they are outstanding by any measure), is merely a way of making sure that we are communicating the results of how we live our mission to the outside world.


Dr. Jeffry Kreamer

Best Practices Inpatient Care, Ltd.

Our Staff

Dr. Richard Baker

Chief Medical Officer/Vice President of Medical Management

Phil Pomerance

General Counsel

Katy Miller

Director of Medical Analytics

Jeremy Kreamer

Director of Physician Recruitment and Special Projects

Barb Kutka

Relationship Manager

Gloria Schweigerdt Jr.

Billing Manager

Leah Gier

Billing Specialist

Barb Halter

Insurance Specialist

Diana Gritzalis

Communications Specialist

Kelly Ries

Insurance Specialist

Amy Breunig

Communications Specialist

Brad Spoeth

Insurance Specialist

Julie Lynam

Insurance Specialist

Angie Mikluszka

Insurance Specialist